Wellness Coaching

Bev helps individuals who want to make changes in their overall health using a wellness approach. The whole person, diet, lifestyle, and goals are taken into consideration. 

Bev will interview you to gain an understanding of your nutritional patterns, sleeping habits, stress levels, and other lifestyle considerations. For more in depth analysis, she will also use Iridology and Reams testing.  She then tailors recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle for your journey to wellness. 

Bev does not diagnose or treat disease, for the reason naturopathy is not the practice of medicine.

Iridology is the science and art of studying the eye to assess where inherent strengths and deficiencies are located within the body, basically, the genetic markings.

Reams testing is an evaluation of the body chemistry using urine and saliva, referred to as biological ionization, which is an expression of the physical body, as applied to human nutrition.

Your initial wellness visit will last up to 90 minutes. 

Initial Wellness Visit Will Include:

  • Completion of Health Intake Forms
  • In-depth health review and discussion of current health concerns
  • pH Testing
  • REAMS Testing – analysis of chemical, digestive and nutritional imbalances within the body
  • Iridology – assessment of where inherent strengths and deficiencies are in the body

You will receive an in-depth Wellness Plan that is customized to your unique body type, health goals and environment.

Follow-up Visits: (30 minutes)

Your next appointment is the complimentary 30-minute follow up visit, normally scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial intake appointment.  During this session, you will review your progress, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and modify any part of your wellness plan.  Next steps in your plan will be implemented.

Additional follow up visits will then be scheduled to best ensure that your health needs are being met, to assess health progress and support your efforts.

Need a speaker for your community group or corporate event?


Bev brings exciting new concepts to wellness living for organizations with keynotes and partial day sessions. 


  • Your Body Will Heal Itself, You Can Help 
  • Hidden Wellness Factors – EPA and DHA

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