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2006 Youngevity Convention



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The Youngevity Convention was educational and great fun. We met distributors from around the world and attended Diamond University where we learned allot about health and marketing.

One might think we were at an athletic event, but actually, the athletes were there because they use the products, have been able to get back into the game because of them and now gladly endorse them - namely Theo Ratliff, Gene Nelson, and Fred Glass.

I couldn't resist the photo opportunities with so many wonderful people.


Dr. Joel Wallach and Bev


A distributor's RV
Marketing Reboundfx
The Sports Energy Drink

The short and tall of it.
Bev with Theo Ratliff


Dr. Judy Wright, Jacque Dreher,
and Alexandria Brighton (l-r)

A "Tah-Dah" celebration with
speaker Amanda Gore

Chili (Rozonda Thomas)
Singer with the famous
Hip-Hop "TLC"


Dr. Ronald Pugh with Bev
An Optometrist who helps people
prevent blindness through

proper nutrition. He also
travels to Mexico each
year to deliver glasses and
has treated thousands of
people there who are
desperate for eye care.

Gene Nelson, Champion Body Builder
An inspiration for Bev

Jacque Dreher with Dr. Wallach
What happened? He grew ears!


No stranger to physical fitness, Fred has broken 35 world records, between 30 and 50 American records and is a
20-time national champion in power lifting. Now in his late 60's, Fred has found that his commitment to power lifting and supplementation has kept his body in good form for competition. His Youngevity® vitamin regimen includes Tangy Tangerine®, Herbal Rainforest™, Osteo-fx™ and Rebound Fx™.

Fred has confidence in Youngevity® and its products and hopes to set an example as a natural athlete who can be the very best without the utilization of steroids. Fred's newest discovery has been his personal connection between Rebound Fx™ and training. Especially during the summer months, Rebound Fx™ provides extra benefits in battling warmer weather conditions with supplemented power and energy in an all-natural form! Rebound Fx™ is a great alternative to water, juice and especially soda in that it provides a balance of antioxidants, herbs and minerals that could be lost during weight lifting, soccer practice, gardening or simply running daily errands. With Rebound Fx™ samples, it's easy to approach anyone with a demanding lifestyle and let them experience the
benefits of Rebound Fx™.



Fred Glass is a champion power lifter and was facing knee replacement. He went on Dr. Wallach's supplements and has avoided the surgery. He can lift over 400 pounds. Here he is only lifting 300 pounds in preparation for the next day's competition.


Jacque and Jennifer Daniels, MD
Dr. Daniels' presentation on
nutrition was awe inspiring.

Dr. Daniels grew up on the south side of Syracuse in a low-income, predominantly Afro-American community. Intent on becoming a physician from elementary school on, she earned a scholarship to Harvard, graduating from the pre-med program with honors. She then earned an MD at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA at the Wharton School, simultaneously gaining both degrees in four years.



Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer PhD

Dr. Schrauzer is a Professor Emeritus at the University of California San Diego where he taught and researched from 1966 until his retirement in 1994. In 1994 Dr. Schrauzer founded the San Diego based Biological Trace Element Research Institute, which he presently directs. Dr. Schrauzer is internationally known and recognized for his work on the biological functions of Vitamins and Nutritionally essential trace elements, notably Selenium, and for his work on Cancer Prevention.

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