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In addition to stock market coaching, Bev works with individuals who want to start a business or those who want to grow their business. She is well positioned to assist entrepreneurs with establishing and running their businesses effectively to protect and build their assets.She enjoys working one-on-one with individuals, entrepreneurs and business professionals to make dramatic progress in their business endeavors so they can fully experience true success.

Bev also enjoys working with teams. Before Bev discovered coaching, she spent nearly 30years in the business world as an auditor, a national trainer, business owner and money enthusiast. Bev’s exciting background uncovering financial shenanigans and chasing down financial hoodlums in the insurance industry left her savvy and passionate about doing finances right! Her experience gave her profound insight into what makes successful companies tick and what causes companies to fail. She has translated what she saw during audits into everyday business success strategies. Bev founded Dallas and Associates, Inc. and Pathway Seminars to fulfill her passion to help others meet their business and financial goals.

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