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Essential Oil Therapy for Toxic Pathogens
by Raphael J. D'Angelo, M.D.
Price $19.95

Excerpt: Because of the time in which we live, it is necessary, nay imperative, that we come to a thorough understanding of the perils we may face and the measures for prevention, protection and treatment that may be required should the reality of bioterrorism cross our paths. I have endeavored to bring together many sources of information to accomplish this task.


  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Brief History of Biowarfare
  • Biological Agents
  • Prevention and Treatment
  • Essential Oils in Prevention and Treatment
  • Summary & Resources
  • References




A Collection of Aromatherapy Recipes: From the Still Room
by Alexandria Brighton
Price $24.95

From the Introduction:
The stillroom was perhaps the most important room in ahome especially the more wealthymanorhouses wherethe lady of the manor,with the help of the servants, may have to minister healing to everyone living on or working for their land.

The stillroom recipe book was passeddown from mother to daughter and training in the stillroom artshad direct relation to the value a young firl could bring to a marriage. The word recipe originally referred to a medicinal formula.

Today, with the increasing interest in aromatherapy, essential oils and other natural forms of health care,the arts of the stillroom are again gaining recognition and are truly the birthright of every woman.


  • Methods of Using Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils Safety Precautions
  • Living the Aromatic Lifestyle
  • In the Entryway
  • In the Living Room
  • In the Kitchen
  • In the Bedroom
  • In the Bathroom
  • For Your Laundry
  • For Personal Care
  • For General First Aid
  • First Aid for Children
  • For Your Pets
  • At Work
  • While You Travel
  • General Information on Single Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends


A Trader's Guide to Analyzing Stocks
by Bev Day, MBA, CFE

Step by step, A Trader’s Guide to Analyzing Stocks walks new and experienced traders through the process of identifying “buy and sell” signals. More information...

Price $29.95

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