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Business Profile on Bev Day, MBA, CFE
Volume 3, Number 10, Page 31, March 2001
Colorado Woman News

Playing the stock market can be a roller coaster ride for many, but for Bev Day, it’s just another day of play at the office. “Doing powerful stock trades make my day,” says Day, founder of Colorado-based Pathway Seminars. Along with having lively discussions with her brokers, she plans, designs and conducts stock market seminars for people beginning their market moves. On top of that, she delights in coaching women starting a business and those already in business.

Day caught onto the magic of the market while auditing stock and bond portfolios of large insurance companies during her 22-year career with the Colorado Division of Insurance. She says she observed their investment activities, studied market patterns, then incorporated strategies of successful investors and supercharged her own investments. For example, she consistently plays her stocks to yield an average of 7% a month, which equates to an 84% return a year, and even more. It’s like turning $10,000 into $18,400 in 12 months.
Her two-day workshop – called the Stock Market Round-Up™ – provides participants with the nuts and bolts of stock market investing. She adds in both fundamental and technical analyses as well as hands-on trading practice. “The secret is to know what to buy, then when to buy and sell to get good results. It’s clear you can’t make much money just holding onto your stocks; you have to sell to make money. It’s like having a hardware store and admiring the hammers on the shelf. You don’t make any money until you sell those hammers.”

Day has learned that many people feel they don’t have “a financial mind” or they don’t understand their options. Consequently, they believe they’re better off not investing on their own. “Yet everyone can learn how to treat their money as a top priority, to find the best ways to protect it and make it grow. Keep in mind no one else is as interested in your money as you are,” she says.

She notes that many investors buy stocks on tips from well-meaning friends or relatives. Acting on these tips can be damaging to your finances, Day warns. “When a stock sounds like a good investment, do your homework before buying. If everything checks out okay, only then take advantage of valuable tips.”
Trading in the stock market can be learned by anyone who is motivated. “Take charge. The key to successful investing is to educate yourself. Read books, attend seminars, take classes and get input from financial planners and professional investors. Acquire an understanding of the jargon so you can talk about the plays with your broker. You’ll find you actually enjoy managing your money,” she explains.

Day teaches new investors to learn a variety of plays, then chose the ones that appeal – those they can play with confidence. “Practice them over and over on paper until you meet your objective before using real money in the market. You may find you like playing the options market, which provides flexibility, leverage and limited risk – when it’s played right,” says Day. “First, lay out a plan for your financial future. Plan your plays and play your plan.”

She says, “I have a great time helping people learn how to build their assets to fund their dreams.”

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