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Bev Day is one of those rare people who can say she is a financial educator and a health education enthusiast and mean it. Her experiences have taken her from medical record administrator, to living and working in Germany and England, to chasing down financial hoodlums in the insurance industry, to owning and operating financial educational and health related businesses. She even had a six-month gig as an internet radio talk-show host for

Bev has been studying holistic health subjects for over 10 years and is a Registered Aromatherapist. She earned her certification with Raphael J. d'Angelo, MD and has advanced her studies in aromatherapy through attending classes, seminars and reading lots of books.

Bev is also a doctoral candidate at Trinity School of Natural Health studying in the field of traditional naturopathy. She entered into her studies to learn more on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle with a goal to also help others. She became tired of the many problems plaguing her as a result of encountering life-threatening medical problems in her childhood that lead to one mediation after another.

Aromatherapy and financial affairs are her two career passions. A week in the life of Bev is one of trading in the stock market interspersed with mentoring traders, using and practicing aromatherapy, conducting classes in aromatherapy, helping clients plan and set up a businesses, networking with nutritional product distributors, studying, going to the movies with her husband, working out at the gym with her trainer and relaxing to maintain balance.

Bev's aromatherapy workshops are designed for those interested in learning about the healing aspects of essential oils, their qualities and how to effectively use them in everyday life, with family and for enhancing ones services to others.

Bev's educational programs in stocks and options trading are designed for serious beginners who want to become proficient traders whether for long-term investing or short-term trading, and for experienced traders who want to refine their skills. Her services are focused on mentoring individuals, tutoring trading groups and conducting exclusive trading workshops.

Several of Bev's articles have been published nationally, including "Plan Your Stock Market Strategy and Play Your Plan" and "Will a Personal Judgment Cost You Your Business?" She won The Examiner's editor's choice award for "The Art of Financial Regulation." You may want to read about a true scoundrel in the insurance industry, clearly not an accepted practice: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - The Colorado episode in the Martin R. Frankel crime spree saga."

Bev's book, A Trader's Guide to Analyzing Stocks, won the 2004 Evvy Book Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

Colorado Woman's News named Bev one of "Colorado's top money women."

Alliance of International Aromatherapists (President & Executive Director)
American Botanical Council
National Center for Homeopathy
American Holistic Nurses Association
American Naturopathic Medical Association
Denver Trading Group
Society of Financial Examiners (past Governor)

BA - University of Maryland
MBA - University of Utah
ND candidate - Trinity School of Natural Health
CA - Certified Aromatherapist - Medical Aromatherapy Certification Course conducted by Raphael J. d'Angelo, M.D.
RA - Registered Aromatherapist - Earned from the Aromatherapy Registration Council, an independant registration program to fulfill its mission of promoting the safe delivery and effective practice of aromatherapy, with the ultimate purpose of protecting public health and safety.

Quantum Science of Aromatic Alchemy, private student of Alexandria Brighton, MA, MB, MF

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