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Kangen water is produced by a revolutionary Janpanese water technology that turns your acidic, contaminated and chlorinated tap water into healthier alkaline water that can do wonders for your body.

The benefits of Kangen water are numerous:

  • Slows down the aging process.
  • Promotes healthy weight loss.
  • Boosts body's immunity against disease.
  • Increases absorption of important vitamins and minerals.

Even when you take your first delicious sip of Kangen water, you'll immediately notice the difference, and you'll wonder how you ever drank anythings else! Kangen means "return to origin," and that's exactly what this water does . . . Ir returns your body back to its original healthy balanced state.

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Kangen Water with the Enagic Water Machine

There are many water filtration systems to choose from and even several ion reduction systems, what makes this system so much more effective?

It all comes down to superior technology. The Enagic Company builds a system that is designed to last. The LevelLuk SD 501 is an approved medical device in Japan and has only been availabel in the US for a few years. Hospitals use and disstribute this water because it is very beneficial to health, and makes ultra pure water with all the restorative minerals left intact!

The LevelLuk water generator produces several different types of water:

Strong Kangen (11+)
Preboil and blanch vegetables, cleaning meat, vegetables and fish, cutting boards and dish cloths, dish washing, stain and rust removal.

Kangen (9.0 -9.5)
Use as drinking water, brew teas, prepares soups, prevent hangovers, for pets, sprouting seeds, plants, soak meats.

Acidic (4.0-6.5)
Use to boil pasta, cook beans, washing and preparing fruits & vegetables; in batter for fried foods, for washing dishes, polishing and housecleaning. Washing your face, beauty skincare, bathing, hair care, pet care.

Strong Acidic (< 2.7)
Cleaning foods by rinsing only; disinfect utensils, dish cloths, towels and containers; washing your hands and metal objects.

Did you know...

Your body is comprised of 70% water and your blood 94%. Your cells cannot assimilate nutrients or remove waste if it is not properly hydrated. Pure water is a critical nutrient and it is estimated that more than 50% Americans are dehydrated! Complications of dehydration can be serious and include: obesity, cholesterol plaques, arterial disease, diabetes, constipation, allergies, hypertension, heartburn, pain, cancer, and more.

Beverages people regularly drink are not only unhealthy but do not hydrate your body. Bottle water may contain impurities as well as being acidic as many commercial drinking water standards ignore thousands of potential pollutants. Standard filters are not adequate. Also, is the water you are purchasing stored in a #1 or #2 plastic bottle? If not, you are more than likely drinking toxins from the container as well!

Charging the water reduces the clusters of water molecules by 50%. This means the cells of your body will readily absorb this improved water much faster. You will enjoy the taste, experience more energy, and feel better!

This water generator is expected to last 15 years based upon the output of 12,000 liters per year. That is only $0.02 per liter to treat your tap water. Have you purchased quality alkaline water lately? It is very expensive in comparison ($2. -$8. per liter), and it has absolutely no active hydrogen ions to combat free radicals.

You may want to make a list of consumables that you buy today that can be replaced with different acidic and alkaline water produced by the Enagic water generator and think about all the money you will save. Some examples are:

Bottled water, delivered water, soda, disinfectant cleaners, beauty products such as hair conditioner and facial toner, first aid ointment, mouthwash, anti-aging creams and lotions, antacids, health insurance, doctor visits, supplements, surgery, medications of all kinds such as acne, allergy, arthritis, colds and flu, pain, etc.

Call Bev for more information: 800-549-4751 or in Colorado 303-979-6734.

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